Monday, March 5, 2012

Flip Flop Fly Ball

I love infographics! I had seen them all over pinterest, but I had not paid much attention to them until I got the book Flip Flop Fly Ball: An Infographic Adventure in my library. I enjoy watching baseball, but I definitely don't know everything there is to know! My visit to Yankee Stadium during Christmas break was very enlightening, and I learned a lot in the museum but learned even more from this book. Each page is a different type of graphic or chart that tells you everything you could possibly want to know about baseball. Some of which, as a baseball novice, I didn't quite understand, but I am going to one day! My husband is tutoring me.

Here are some of my favorite facts from the book:

  • There were 2,757 bases stolen during the 2008 MLB season. If they were actually stolen, MLB teams would have lost $248,102.43 worth of bases!

  • Barry Bonds holds the record for career walks. If you put them all together it would be 43.6 miles.

  • Only 7 MLB parks are smoke free.

  • Thirty-six world series have gone to 7 games. Eighteen were won at home and eighteen were won on the road.

  • Nolan Ryan's first MLB season was in 1966 and last was in 1993. WOW!

  • The New York Yankees have retired 17 numbers (including #8 twice). #42-Jackie Robinson-is the only one to be retired in all of baseball. This is my addition: Mariano Rivera is currently a Yankee, and he wears #42. He wore this number before it was retired so he can continue to wear it, but he will be the last! (Don't be intimidated by my baseball knowledge!)

I love looking at infographics so much that I started looking into how I can create my own, and I came across the website Graphic designers are able to upload their infographics here for everyone to share. They are in the beta testing stages of having a site for people like you and me to create our own infographics! I have signed up on their test page to recieve an email when it is ready to go. When it is ready, it will be great for so many things, but I can see limitless potential for our math classes! While you are waiting on this creation tool, check out
the Daily Infographic blog for a new infographic every day. Some of them are school appropriate and some of them are not so make sure to preview them before sharing with your students. Have fun learning!


  1. I received this book through my standing order with School Library Journal. What a great book! I don't think I would have picked it myself. I can't keep it on the shelf - the students love it!!

  2. I love it, too! I'm hoping to see lots of other books like this start being published!

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