Monday, March 25, 2013

It's Monday...What are you reading?

It has been a good reading week!  I finished reading Legend and Prodigy by Marie Lu, Hidden by Helen Frost and Small as an Elephant by Jennifer Richard Jacobson.  I recommend them all!

Legend and Prodigy take place in  what was once the western United States but is now the Republic that is constantly at war with anyone who surrounds them.  June is a prodigy who is being groomed to be among the military leaders of the Republic, and Day is born into the slums and is the nation's most wanted criminal.  The two, from very different worlds, have no reason to cross paths until June's brother is murdered, and Day is targeted as the prime suspect.  Now their lives are entwined forever.

 Hidden is a novel in verse about two eight-year-old girls, Wren and Darra, whose lives collide when Darra's father steals a car with Wren in the backseat.  Years later, the two girls meet, unexpectedly, at summer camp.  Will they be willing to share the stories they have been hiding for so many years?  Also, an interesting side note...the poems written from Darra's point of view have hidden messages that give more details about the story.  If you read the last word from each of the long lines, sentences will form that give more insight into Darra's life.

 Small as an Elephant is the story of a boy named Jack who has gone camping with his mother.  What starts out as an ordinary vacation turns into a nightmare when Jack wakes one morning to find his mother gone.  His mother has been unpredictable before, but she has never left him in the middle of the night with hardly any money, no food and no way to get in touch with her.  Frightened for his mother, Jack doesn't tell anyone as he begins his journey home.

Happy Reading!


  1. I just finished Prodigy yesterday and LOVED it as much as Legend! The moment I was finished I googled "Marie Lu Book 3" to see what I could find out about what MUST be coming! :)

  2. Sandi, I loved them too! I have found a new book to recommend after the students read Divergent and Hunger Games. :)

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